Good news!!!

By popular demand, our SSL promo has been extended to 31st of June, 2021

Protect your site and emails from hackers with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This means when SSL certificate is used on your site, your site contents become encrypted in the background and becomes unreadable to hackers.

Hence, clients visiting your site will feel safe when surfing through your site. Also, the HTTPS and the green padlock bar will be embedded on the domain and be displayed on your site when visited.

How will this be of benefit to you? 
Our positive SSL comes at the rate of N5,000, but with the ongoing promo you get can get positive SSL at a reduced rate of N3,500.

How to apply this coupon? 
-When placing your order for Positive SSL, Use the promo code SSL-30OFF during checkout. 
- Open a support ticket to the technical department for the installation of the Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)

How to get started? 
It's Simple! Visit this link to get started

This offer has been extended to 31st of June, 2021.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

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